Hi and welcome to The Here and Now created by me, Dave Monds. 

I’ve been a professional pilot for twenty years which has taken me to all corners of the globe. Through my wanderings I become fascinated with humanity and the arts which has led to a second career as a writer, podcaster and student of the social sciences. One day I might become a psychologist but for now let’s call it a work in progress. 

I started this blog as a living journal to explore ideas, conversations and thoughts and in late 2019 this evolved into The Here and Now Podcast which is now the main focus of my work. The podcast is an evolving exploration of human nature through the lenses of psychology and philosophy. I work through themes like authenticity, vulnerability or the threat of nuclear holocaust using personal stories, the work of academics and experts, and monthly guest interviews.

Podcasting offers a unique platform to share not only my ideas, but those of others which need to be heard, so if you have questions, thoughts or experiences you’d like to share, please get in touch. 

Thanks for visiting.