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Who are you? Who are any of us? Why do we feel, act and behave the way we do? Why are things this way and not that? What is really going on, just beneath the surface? What makes life worth living? The Here and Now Podcast sets out to explore these questions and many others, always asking the question, why?

Each week a new topic is explored through the lenses of psychology and philosophy. Drawing from academics, scientists and histories greatest thinkers, The Here and Now Podcast sets out to ask the big questions and explore the many ways they can be answered. There is never just one answer, life is messy, confusing and complicated, but the search continues…

You are an experience machine, everything that has ever happened to you and everything that will ever happen to you is experience. Reflecting on your experience offers a unique insight into the nature of reality and forms the basis for the philosophical methodology of phenomenology. In this episode we explore phenomenology from its inception by Edmund Husserl in the early 20th century, to Martin Heidegger's exploration of being-in-the-world, the embodiment of phenomenology as described by Maurice Merleau-Ponty and its influence on the applied phenomenology of Iris Marion Young's work on femininity.Show notesPhenomenology – Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy Edmund HusserlMartin Heidegger – Being and TimeInterpretive Phenomenological Analysis – Jonathan SmithMaurice Merleau-PontyIris Marion Young – Throwing like a girlThe Here and Now Podcast on FacebookThe Here and Now Podcast on TwitterSend me an emailSupport the show
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