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Who are you? Who are any of us? Why do we feel, act and behave the way we do? Why are things this way and not that? What is really going on, just beneath the surface? What makes life worth living? The Here and Now Podcast sets out to explore these questions and many others, always asking the question, why?

Each week a new topic is explored through the lenses of psychology and philosophy. Drawing from academics, scientists and histories greatest thinkers, The Here and Now Podcast sets out to ask the big questions and explore the many ways they can be answered. There is never just one answer, life is messy, confusing and complicated, but the search continues…

The Social Contract The Here and Now Podcast

What is the role of government? Should it exist to provide safety and security for its citizens or to maintain order because humans are fundamentally selfish? Is an equitable society possible? What would such a society look like? Episode 73 is the first of a mini-series on social justice in which we consider the social contract that exists between a state and its people according to the divergent views of four political philosophers.We ExploreThe United States Declaration of IndependenceThe natural state and natural lawSocial Contract Theory according to Hobbes and LeviathanLocke's second treatise of government The Social Contract according to RousseauA theory of justice by RawlsShow NotesEpisode 45 – Moral relativism Leviathan – Thomas HobbesTwo Treatises of Government – John LockeThe Social Contract – Jean-Jacques RousseauRosseau and Locke on Property and the State – Matt SchrageA Theory of Justice – John RawlsThe Here and Now Podcast on FacebookThe Here and Now Podcast on TwitterSend me an emailSupport the show (
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  3. Pointlessness
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